Trafalgar's Unsung Heroes

About the Show

In October 1805 Nelson famously signalled: 'England Expects that Every Man will Do his Duty'. But of the 18,000 sailors fighting for the British King, 1,400 of them were not British at all. The Royal Navy was in fact the world's first equal opportunities employer, offering freedom, equal pay and promotion irrespective of race or religion. By analysing the records of HMS Bellerophon, this unique film pieces together the true story of Nelson's multicultural navy - American, Caribbean, Maltese, Indian, Swedish, Danish and French. The Admiralty promised them all a fair share of any captured enemy ships. But between these brave sailors, and a potentially life-changing fortune, stood the bloodiest battle in naval history - and the greatest storm the seas had ever seen. What choices would Bellerophon's bloody foreigners make?