Stealth: Flying Invisible

About the Show

Documentary. In 1999, during the middle of a war raging on the plains of Kosovo, an American F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter was shot down and an enduring mystery was born. Stealth vehicles were a response to radar developments in WWII, advanced during the Cold War, and reached maturity with the development of the F-117, the first operational aircraft completely designed around stealth technology. The programme examines stealth aircraft such as the U-2 and the B-2 bomber, planes which paved the way for a new generation, as well as the development of anti-stealth technologies that search for aircraft hidden in the skies. Using CGI and the insights of stealth pilots and scientific experts, the documentary explores the world of stealth, a world where the ultimate goal is to make man and his machines 'disappear' so they might rule the skies.