Spitfire Women

About the Show

Between 1939 and 1945, and against all odds, over 100 women flew urgently needed planes for the Air Transport Auxiliary. Without them, the Battle of Britain would never have been won. One in ten of them died, and only 15 remain alive. Using archive footage and testimony from the surviving members and their relatives, Spitfire Women captures the drama, danger and significance of the story of these unsung heroines, who came from across the world to fight for Britain, but whose tales of courage and determination remain largely unrecognised. These women weren't dull engineer types, they were the international 'it' girls of the era. Over the years a countess, a model, a millionaire's daughter and a champion skier all entered the ranks of the ATA. Risking ridicule and recrimination, as well as their lives, these were women who defied the prejudice of the age to achieve more than many ever thought possible.