PQ17: An Arctic Convoy Disaster

About the Show

Jeremy Clarkson uncovers the astonishing story of the World War II Arctic Convoys. Their mission: to deliver convoys of ships laden with vital supplies to embattled Russia through Arctic storms and submarine-infested waters. In Churchill’s words, it was “the worst journey in the world” and, by the end of the war, 87 merchant ships were sunk and the lives of thousands of British and American sailors were lost. But without the courage of these men, the fate of Russia and the outcome of WWII could have been very different. Travelling the route taken by these ships and visiting key locations in the UK, the Arctic and Russia, Clarkson experiences the bravery and tragedy of a group of men largely forgotten by history. First-hand testimony from those who were there when it mattered, and amazing archive footage, help tell a story of courage in the face of terrible adversity.