Philippa Gregory's The Real White Queen and Her Rivals

About the Show

Philippa Gregory reveals the true stories of three remarkable women who lived through the treason and bloodshed of the dynastic conflict we call the Wars of the Roses. This was a battle between kin, and the loyalties, rebellions, plots and betrayals of these women were decisive in shaping the history of England. The White Queen is Elizabeth Woodville, who saw her family murdered, her children endangered and was labelled a witch, but survived and thrived in the midst of war and conspiracy. Margaret Beaufort was a stalwart of the House of Lancaster, the child bride who devoted her life to the cause of her son Henry Tudor. Gregory captures a woman driven by religious piety and power politics who survives terrible hardship. Anne Neville was the privileged daughter of the most powerful noble in the land. As a young woman, Anne is sucked into the great power struggles of the period and sees her life transformed from one of gilded luxury into one of terrible danger. Part 1 of 2.