Omaha Beach: Honor and Sacrifice

About the Show

Documentary telling the very personal stories of several veterans as they return to Omaha Beach and the celebration in Normandy, France, that continues to this day as a result of their acts of courage and determination on 6 June 1944. On D-Day, a stretch of beach in Normandy, roughly 7,000 yards long and given the code name Omaha, proved to be the Allies' biggest obstacle to the success of Operation Overlord. The assignment to establish a beachhead and move inland was given to two American divisions: the already battle-hardened 1st Infantry Division and the untested 29th Infantry Division, who had yet to see any combat in World War II. American Naval Combat Demolition Units also hit the beach that day, writing their own individual stories of horror and heroism. Seven decades after they landed, many veterans return to this part of the Normandy coast for the last time.