Nazi Hunters

About the Show

During the war Herberts Cukurs, of the Latvian Air Force, joins forces with the fascists, earning the nickname ‘The Hangman of Riga’. The sadistic Cukurs snatches babies from their mothers, burns a synagogue full of people and is responsible for the extermination of 30,000 Latvian Jews. Twenty years later, Cukurs is living quietly in Sao Paolo, Brazil. That is, until the Nazi-hunting unit of the Israeli secret service tracks him down. Kicking off one of the most daring missions in its history, Mossad agents decide to execute Cukurs without a public trial, and send a message to Nazi war criminals the world over to fear for their lives. Posing as a successful Austrian businessman and former Nazi lieutenant named Anton Kuenzle, an undercover Mossad spy makes contact with Cukurs and the master plan begins to unfold. Impressed by Kuenzle’s apparent wealth and success, Cukurs readily admits he’s a war criminal. But earning his trust and luring him out of the country prove more challenging. Part 1 of 8.