Navy SEALs: Untold Stories

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October 1983: rebel soldiers take over the island of Grenada. They assassinate the Prime Minister and hold hostage Governor-General Paul Scoon. The US is asked to send in American troops to liberate the island. There is no time to gather intelligence, plan details or rehearse the assignments. Two military helicopters race through the night carrying the SEALs. Their mission is to seize Government House and rescue the Governor-General. The helicopters meet fierce enemy fire but they land and infiltrate Government House and find Governor-General Scoon inside with his family and staff. Moments after being attacked by an armoured personnel carrier, the SEALs finally make contact with the Air Force AC-130 Spectre gunship that was providing close air support to the mission. With help from the Spectre, the small band of SEALs hold the building even though they are significantly outnumbered and outgunned, repelling the overwhelming ground forces until the Marines arrive the following morning.