Lions of Crocodile River

About the Show

A wildlife documentary exposing life in the Luangwa Valley, a place where territories are redefined with the rise and fall of the Luangwa River. Each year drought ravages this Eden with the result that the river recedes and changes course, leaving ox-bow lakes and lagoons behind. Teeming with crocodiles, these remaining pools attract thirsty and fatigued prey that risk death in their desperate quest to escape the scorching heat. Mfumu and his pride must join the ranks of those who drink from these pools but, for both predator and prey, the Luangwa Valley is a treacherous place. Can Mfumu stand his ground against a hostile takeover from the rival male across the river? Will his mate, Chipazuwa, win the battle of motherhood against her mortal enemy, the crocodile? Will she finally raise cubs to continue their diminishing line? All is revealed in the Lions of Crocodile River.