Lancaster: Reunion of Giants

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It has been 50 years since two Avro Lancaster Bombers flew side by side. These marvels of mechanical engineering, part of a proud lineage that is credited with bringing an end to WWII, are now preparing for an epic mission to finally meet high above the English countryside. But making that reunion possible is a monumental task. In early August, The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Avro Lancaster will depart from Hamilton, Ontario to meet her British counterpart, the only other surviving flight worthy Lancaster Bomber, the RAF's Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) Lancaster in England. It's a mission unlike any other this Lancaster has ever undertaken; flying thousands of miles across the ocean, requiring multiple landings on remote runways from Goosebay to Greenland to make it across the vast Atlantic Ocean, and a crew that will be on their own, far away from any mechanical support or facilities that keep the plane flying.