Klansville USA

About the Show

As the Civil Rights Movement grew into a force in the 1960s, the Ku Klux Klan, dormant for decades, re-emerged with a vengeance. Born in Tennessee following the Civil War, the KKK had conducted an intense campaign of intimidation throughout the South before quickly fading away during reconstruction. It was reborn at Stone Mountain, Georgia, in the 1920s, sparked by the release of the epic film Birth of a Nation. Though its membership grew to four million, the Klan again lost its mass support and political clout within a decade. That the Klan returned for a third time was not surprising, but where that reincarnation took place was. Klansville, USA is an exploration of why North Carolina, long seen as the most progressive state in the South, became home to the largest Klan organisation in the country, with more members than all the other Southern states combined during the 1960s.