Kidnapped in Sao Paolo: Sequestro

About the Show

A powerful Brazilian documentary by award-winning film-maker Jorge W Atalla that chronicles the heroic efforts of the Anti-Kidnapping Division of the Sao Paolo police department from 2005 to 2009. During this time, kidnapping was booming business in Latin America's largest city and the programme delves into the seedy world of organised abductions for the purposes of extortion. It explores the lives of the victimised while tagging along with investigators as they work around the clock, following clues and apprehending suspects in effort to locate victims before it is too late. Often set in some of the nastiest neighbourhoods in the world, the documentary is a pioneering feat of film-making that reveals what it is like for the police who risk life and limb bursting into captive houses in an effort to free blameless abductees.