JFK: Eyewitness to History

About the Show

A documentary on the assassination of President John F Kennedy in Dallas as told by reporters, photographers, police officers, federal agents and others who will never forget 22 November 1963. Hugh Aynesworth is a reporter and author who covered the assassination for the Dallas Morning News. He is recognised as one of the leading experts on the subject. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary he interviewed 28 individuals who all intersected with history that fateful November weekend in 1963. Among those interviewed are the young surgeon who operated on President Kennedy at Parkland Hospital and the man who drove Lee Harvey Oswald to work that day at the Texas Book Depository. The programme also includes testimony from the secret service agent who jumped on the Kennedy limousine after bullets hit the president and the newspaper reporter who ended up driving Lee Harvey Oswald's mother from Fort Worth to Dallas hours after the assassination.