Jerusalem: Centre of the World

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Over 40 centuries ago, a small city rose in the hills some 35 miles inland from the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean. It was not a place of riches. It was not the capital of a powerful kingdom. It was militarily and strategically insignificant. But it was a place untold numbers of Jews, Christians and Muslims would come to look for God. A place billions more would love from afar. It was Jerusalem, the Holy Land. The mighty empires too would lay claim here. Over 100 battles would be fought in the city’s name. Understandably there is little left to testify to Jerusalem’s earliest years, but the history of the city from such towering figures as Abraham and King David, Jesus, Mohammed and beyond can still be told from the science and stones of archaeology, from the oral traditions passed down for millennia and from the texts of three great faiths. Part 1 of 2.