Jamestown's Dark Winter: Secrets of the Dead

About the Show

A team of archaeologists excavating the site of an early American colony discovers something surprising: the remains of a young woman, dating back to 1609. She was one of the early settlers sent over from England to Jamestown with the intention of establishing a thriving settlement. As winter fell, the colony quickly crumbled. The Powhatan Indians were unwilling to help the settlers, killing anyone who ventured outside the fort to forage. Trapped behind their wooden palisades, supplies quickly dwindled, leading to tactics that were disgustingly primeval yet necessary for survival. Now, 400 years later, a cellar excavation has uncovered numerous bone fragments, all belonging to this adolescent female. More surprising than their location are the interesting cut marks on the lower jaw and front of the cranium. With the help of forensic anthropologists, the extraordinary and frightening story of this young woman comes to life.