Hurricane Harvey Heroes

About the Show

August 2017, and the worst hurricane in decades is tearing through South Texas, destroying towns, battering cities and leaving a trail of death and destruction, along with hundreds of thousands of families stranded, flooded and in desperate need of even the most basic of supplies. Aid by the tonne arrived at the city's small airport to ship to Beaumont - only to find no available military or government aircraft to dispatch it. A call went out to the State's private pilots to assist and small aircraft poured in. Amidst the Pipers and the Cessnas came one astonishing veteran and its crew: a 1940’s C47 Transport aircraft that saw action in the last days of WWII and the 1949 Berlin airlift. Carrying ten times the load of even the largest private plane, the 70-year-old flying museum piece from the Commemorative Air Force strode into battle as if it had never been away. This is the incredible story of that plane, its mission and its veteran pilots.