Gold: The Story of Man's 6,000 Year Obsession

About the Show

Grant Williams looks at gold’s role throughout the history of mankind, how and why it became money, and its path through the rise and fall of empires and civilisations. Grant will explain how gold has held its purchasing power like no other asset for millennia, before heading to the Swiss Alps to take you on a never-before filmed tour of the world’s biggest private gold vault - one of the most secretive places on earth - as we show you the lengths man will go to in order to protect this most precious of metals. Finally, Grant will trace the path gold takes from the moment a stake is pushed into the ground to the moment it is refined, and the molten gold is poured and cast into bars and coins. Deep underground we will see how gold is mined, before visiting one of the world’s biggest refineries to witness the process that turns it from a few flecks in tonnes of rock to jewellery. Part 1 of 2.