Geronimo and the Apache Resistance

About the Show

The story of a tragic collision of two civilisations, each with dramatically different views of both the world and of each other. In 1886, the US government mobilised 5,000 men to capture Geronimo, an Apache who was believed to possess magical powers. But who was Geronimo? Who were the Apache or, more to the point, who were the Chiricahua Apache? And what was their story? To an Apache the past is traditionally a closed subject and to speak of the dead is taboo, so the Chiricahua have kept their experience largely to themselves. Here, the Chiricahua finally impart their story, revealing how Geronimo and his people fought to keep their land and way of life for 20 years. Following defeat, they were held as prisoners of war for 27 years, longer than anyone else in American history.