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The Allies in Northern France are in retreat. Overrun by the Nazi Blitzkrieg, they are making their way to the coast.
The Navy has organised an improvised evacuation, but expects only to be able to lift 45,000 of the third of a million men in France. In the War Cabinet, Churchill is advised to make peace with Hitler before the entire army is lost. He resists, and orders the evacuation to proceed. The only way the Army can make it to the coast is by holding open a corridor, down which to retreat. Alf Tombs is in one of the units charged with this task. Although they successfully resist the German advance for 48 hours, allowing thousands to escape, it ends in their own capture. Meanwhile, Churchill faces down the threat of a split within the Cabinet, in order to allow the evacuation to continue. On the beaches, Captain Tennant, the man in charge of the operation on the ground, discovers he can evacuate men more quickly from a flimsy wooden pier. But as the weather changes, the pier and the beaches are heavily attacked by the Luftwaffe, resulting in heavy losses of both men and ships. Part 1 of 3.