D-Day Medics: Eagles of Mercy

About the Show

In the village of Angoville-au-Plain, a few miles off the Normandy coast, there are two unusual stained-glass windows in its 12th-century church commemorating the deeds of two WWII heroes. This documentary relates how, as the D-Day invasion began, two young American medics parachuted into France ahead of the amphibious landing at Utah beach. Trapped in the church, Robert Wright and Kenneth Moore provided medical assistance as the battle raged around them. For the next 36 hours, they treated both Allied and German casualties, risking their lives several times when searching the fields for wounded soldiers. Over 70 years later the blood of the injured remains visible on the pews as a reminder of the battle. The film combines interviews with Wright and Moore alongside newsreel footage, re-enactments and contributions from fellow medics and residents of Angoville.