Burger Town

About the Show

A documentary that unearths the origins of the hamburger and traces its ascent into popular culture, particularly in Los Angeles which lays claim to taking its burgers more seriously than any other city in America. From the Pacific Coast Highway to sprawling east LA desert towns, Los Angeles is home to some of the greatest hamburger palaces and coffee shops in America. Richard J McDonald, who co-founded McDonald's along with his brother Maurice, tells the early story of the most successful fast food chain in history. America's foremost burger historians are interviewed as well in a programme that chronicles the rise of other burger chains and tours the best and most colourful burger joints in Los Angeles. Packed with nostalgic clips of vintage burger commercials, early burger joints and a look at the post World War II space age 'Googie' architecture of Drive-Ins and Coffee Shops, Burger Town is a mouth-watering look at America's love affair with the hamburger.