Bridging the Golden Gate

About the Show

Dubbed ‘the bridge that couldn’t be built’, 18 years, 11 deaths and an engineering revolution later, it stunned the world. But, in an area prone to climate extremes, this is the story of the bridge’s re-design to withstand the incredible forces of an earthquake. Join the engineers as they embark on a race against time to save the bridge. Visionary engineer Joseph Strauss had to fight the Great Depression, invent new technologies and battle some of the most extreme environmental conditions in America. Along the way, he revolutionised construction safety. Opened in 1937, his masterpiece broke every world record. To withstand 100-mile per hour winds, his bridge can sway an incredible 27 feet! Now, a team of scientists and engineers must take on nature’s ultimate threat - a 7.0+ earthquake that could reduce the bridge to rubble. Share their transformation challenges, solutions and incredible innovations step-by-step, in the race to strengthen The Golden Gate Bridge.