Atlantis: End of a World, Birth of a Legend

About the Show

Around 1620 BC, a gigantic volcano in the Aegean Sea stirred from its fifteen thousand year slumber and violently erupted, tearing apart an entire island and triggering the end of Europe's first great civilisation - the Minoans. In doing so, a legend was born: Atlantis. A growing number of scientists now believe that the Minoans and the Thera eruption provided the historical inspiration for the legend of Atlantis. Rooted in the latest archaeological evidence, this drama follows the story of that eruption, as seen through the eyes of the Minoan people - all brought to life, for the first time ever, in a major landmark production. Experience the disaster in never-before-seen immediacy, from the initial earthquakes through the eruption sequence to the pyroclastic flows and tsunamis, that gave rise to one of the most enduring legends of all time.