American Comandante

About the Show

When he was executed outside a Havana prison on 11 March 1961, the strange story of William Morgan seemed to vanish from the popular imagination as quickly as it had appeared. William Alexander Morgan was one of a couple of dozen US citizens who joined Cuban rebel forces, fighting for Fidel Castro in 1957. With government documents recently declassified, new information has come to light and Morgan's story has returned to the public eye. American Comandante has the makings of a Cold War thriller since it features adventure, spies and historical figures such as J Edgar Hoover and Che Guevera. Eyewitness accounts from Morgan's widow and several Cubans who fought alongside him, as well as commentary from journalists and biographers, tell the story of a man who transformed himself from a failure to a hero and celebrity. American Comandante is a quintessential American story of a man who reinvented himself.