The Wild West

Wild West DVD

Wild West DVD



Step into the past with AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, and walk beside the legendary heroes and villains whose lives and exploits took center stage in the invention of the mythic Wild West.

BILLY THE KID First demonized by the law, then mythologized by dime-store romances and big-screen dramas, who was the real Billy the Kid?

CUSTER'S LAST STAND George Armstrong Custer was one of the Union’s greatest cavalry officers, and a man with a reputation for fearless—often reckless—courage. 

BUFFALO BILL "Buffalo Bill's Wild West" toured for three decades, and William "Buffalo Bill" Cody's legendary exploits helped create the enduring myth of the American West.

ANNIE OAKLEY Annie Oakley thrilled audiences with her shooting, but this uniquely American icon embodied many of the paradoxes of the nation.

WYATT EARP How did the young gambler who spent his days in saloons and brothels become the legendary folk hero we know today? 

GERONIMO Seen by some as the perpetrator of unspeakable cruelties, by others as a proud warrior, Geronimo led the last Native American fighting force to fall to the U.S.

DVD Features

- Approx 7.5 Hours on 2 DVD9s

- Widescreen

- English: Stereo

- Region 2 PAL

- English SDH Subtitles


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