We Shall Remain

We Shall Remain

Ever since the first Europeans settled in the New World back in the 17th century, Native Americans have fought to protect their culture and to resist expulsion from their lands.

This groundbreaking AMERICAN EXPERIENCE mini-series, showing over five nights, spans three centuries to tell the story of pivotal moments in United States history through the eyes of Native Americans. After the Mayflower (Monday) begins the story with a look at the relationship between English colonists and the Natives who they at first turned to for help. Tecumeseh's Vision (Tuesday) explores the Native spiritual movement of the 19th century. Trail of Tears (Wednesday) examines the 1838 displacement of thousands of Cherokee by federal troops. Geronimo (Thursday) tells the story of one of the most influential Native Americans who ever lived. And finally, in Wounded Knee (Friday), viewers learn about a group of protestors who in 1973 occupied the site of one of the most notorious massacres in American history.

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Exploring people and events in history, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE is US television's longest running and most watched history series.


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