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Mon 24

  1. 11:40pm - 12:55am America's Parking Lot

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    America's Parking Lot

    Sunday 23 Nov, 11:40pm

    9pm, Tuesday 18 November This documentary by Jonny Mars follows two diehard sports fans as they spend their...
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  2. 12:55am - 2:00am The Bay of Pigs

    The Bay of Pigs

    Monday 24 Nov, 12:55am

    The story of the disastrous amphibious invasion of Cuba in April 1961 undertaken by 1,200 Cuban exiles who were trained, armed and equipped by America's CIA
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  3. 2:00am - 4:05am Fidel Castro

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    Fidel Castro

    Monday 24 Nov, 2:00am

    A ruthless dictator or a champion of social justice? Adriana Bosch's film offers an intimate and revealing...
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  4. 4:05am - 5:00am Breaking Barriers: Pioneers of Television

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    Breaking Barriers: Pioneers of Television

    Monday 24 Nov, 4:05am

    9pm, Friday 21 November The Emmy-nominated series telling the stories of the television programmes that...
  5. 5:00am - 6:00am Building the Alaska Highway

    Building the Alaska Highway

    Monday 24 Nov, 5:00am

    Documentary outlining the massive task undertaken by US soldiers in 1942 to build a supply line to military bases in Alaska following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
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