Remember The Alamo

Remember the Alamo

The story of the siege of the Alamo is well known, but its historical context is not. This revealing documentary tells the story of Jose Antonio Navarro, leader of the Mexican community in Texas, and his efforts to protect the sovereignty of his homeland.

More than two decades before the battle at the Alamo, Tejanos (Mexican Texans) in San Antonio waged an unsuccessful rebellion, which Navarro and his family helped to lead. At the time, Texas was part of Mexico, which was under Spanish control. By the time Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821, Navarro had returned to San Antonio, where he was quickly appointed mayor. By the early 1830s, Texas was home to more than 20,000 settlers from the US and a campaign for self-rule was gathering momentum. In February 1836, Navarro and other Texan leaders gathered at Washington on the Brazos, 150 miles east of San Antonio, to declare independence. Mexican President Santa Anna's reprisals, which included the siege of the Alamo, were swift and brutal, but the Texan people's demands were not to be denied. A Texan army led by General Sam Houston inflicted a decisive defeat on Santa Anna's forces at the battle of San Jacinto, forcing Santa Anna to grant independence to the newly constituted Republic of Texas. Navarro's dream had become reality.

Wednesday 27 February at 9pm

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