From Jesus to Christ

FRONTLINE: From Jesus to Christ

FRONTLINE: From Jesus to Christ

FRONTLINE: From Jesus to Christ


FRONTLINE explores the life of Jesus and the movement he started, challenging familiar assumptions and conventional notions about the origins of Christianity.

Drawing upon new and sometimes controversial historical evidence and interviews with America’s leading New Testament scholars, the series transports the viewer back two thousand years to the time and place where Jesus once lived and preached.

The film traces Jesus’ life, focusing on the events that occurred after he died and on his first followers, the men and women whose belief, conviction, and martyrdom created a major movement that transformed the Roman Empire in the space of only three hundred years.

DVD Features:
  • Approx. 4 hours of footage
  • Widescreen
  • English: Stereo
  • Region 2
  • PAL
  • English SDH Subtitles 



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