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America's Test Kitchen

Entertainment, Arts & Culture

Entertainment, Arts & Culture

Entertainment, Arts & Culture

American entertainment television goes far beyond the talent shows, sitcoms and cartoons of mainstream TV.

As watchable as these shows are, the range of programming available on PBS America under the entertainment, arts and culture umbrella is not just here to entertain you. It’s here to get you thinking, cooking and dancing.

From one off cultural documentaries such as Commune, epic showcases like Martin Scorcese’s The Blues and Ken Burns’ Jazz to exclusive series like America’s Test Kitchen, the range of shows available offer a different take on American entertainment.

The range also includes a host of children’s programming including Between the Lions, which demonstrates the joys of reading, and Design Squad Nation. You can’t fail to find something to enjoy!

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PBS America shows British viewers a different side of America, from its early history to modern technology and current affairs. PBS brings great stories to life.

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