Empires: Egypt

Empires: Egypt

Empires: Egypt

Empires: Egypt

Egypt's Golden Empire

The superpowers of today’s global economy may seem secure but they are standing on the shoulders of giants, and empires rise and fall. To understand how we got where we are today, it is essential to consider those that have passed before us.

In an epic series, PBS examines the world’s greatest Empires, the people and passions that drove them to succeed through invention and invasion and, all too often, the decadence and depravity to which they succumb.

The Empires series turns the spotlight on a different area and era, including the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Greece and Rome, the rise of Islam, feudal Japan, the Medici renaissance, Napoleon and Britain’s Victorian empire. Each is treated to its own mini-series, made by acclaimed directors and covering the rich subject matter in depth, using a combination of straight documentary and dramatic reconstructions.

In Egypt's Golden Empire, PBS looks at Egypt – an established civilisation when Rome was still a swamp and the Acropolis was a bare rock. By 1560 BC, however, the age of pyramid builders was over, and it seemed Egypt was beginning to crumble. It is here that the series, narrated by actor Keith David, takes up the story of Ahmose, one of the last Egyptian prices, who defeated the Hyksos and Nubians to unite the land of the Nile for a new golden era.

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