Carrier At War: USS Enterprise

Carrier At War

This revealing documentary follows the pilots and crew aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, one of the world's largest warships, as they undertake a tour of duty in the Middle East.

Launched in 1960, the Enterprise was the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier built for the US Navy. The ship was involved in the blockade of Cuba during the 1962 missile crisis and saw active combat duty in Vietnam. This floating city serves as home to over 5,500 men and women as they embark on a 59,000-mile mission lasting seven months. With some of the world's most sophisticated warplanes and weaponry aboard, the flight deck of the Enterprise can be a dangerous place – indeed, a horrific accident in 1969, when a rocket exploded on deck, almost sent the great ship to the bottom. Meghan Angermann, the only female pilot in her squadron, is enjoying her first deployment aboard a carrier. Her job is to ensure that the troops on the ground, who could be hundreds of miles away, receive the aerial support that they need. Every day for six weeks, Angermann and her colleagues are in action over the unforgiving terrain of Afghanistan, where any mistakes can have fatal consequences.

Personal stories and footage from combat missions offer candid insights into the realities of modern hi-tech warfare.

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